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Alocasia 30" macrorrhiza variegata


The Variegated Alocasia is a fun addition to any garden. As long as it doesn't face a hard freeze, this plant will thrive all year. If you do have freezes, you can dig up the tubers and keep them inside until the freeze has passed. These tuberous plants will spread easily and fill an area to create artistic privacy, or you can tame them by mowing close to the base of the main plant. The Variegated Alocasia can also thrive indoors in a large pot (minimum 10 inch pot). Mature plant height and width is around 3 feet. Should be grown in medium to bright light (not direct sunlight) and fertilized often for the healthiest plant. Prefers moist, rich soil. This plant can live in deep shade, but the more shade it has, the more the variegation will fade. Pest issues are minimum. Shipped in a 6 inch pot. Specimen will be between 24"-36" tall.

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