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Alocasia odora variegata


The odora is a dwarf Alocasia that will grow to approximately 3 feet tall. It's a perfect Alocasia for indoor growers. Thrives in bright shade and is a very good plant for the experienced and non-experienced indoor plant enthusiast. It branches at a very young age so you will soon have pups. You can remove the pups to share with others or allow them to grow and your Odora will soon fill up the container with lots of beautiful green & white foliage. Every leaf is different and an individual work of art. 6-10" Odoras are grown and shipped in 6" plastic containers.

I take great pride in carefully packaging by both protecting and insulating with repurposed Styrofoam, which guards from heavy damage. Keep in mind, it is common for Alocasias to lose the outermost leaf and sometimes even two during transit, but no need to worry, a new leaf will quickly unwind from the center. Patience is key as they need time to recover and adjust to their new environment.

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