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Aspidistra Elatior 'Ippin' Variegata


Aspidistra is commonly known as the 'Cast Iron Plant' because it is extremely tolerant of neglect. The aspidistra was one of the first plants used for interior decoration because it is not only a decorative plant, but it is so very dependable. The variegated aspidistra is the most sought after Aspidistra and because it grows so slow it is rare. It does not drop leaves and is drought tolerant, salt tolerant and sustainable in depleted soil. Imagine how stunning it will perform with just minimum care! The Cast Iron Plant is shade loving and very slow growing. It takes about a year for it to double in size. It will also grow outdoors up to zone 7. Once established, it has very wide leaves, up to 3" that will grow up to 3' tall.

6-12" Variegated Aspidistras are grown and shipped in 6" plastic containers. *

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