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Extremely rare Musa AeAe Variegata. This is the king of variegated bananas. The trees grow to about 15' and prefer full sun. A new leaf unwinds every 3-4 weeks. The peel of the bananas are also variegated and the flavor is excellent. This type of variegation cannot be reproduced by tissue culture and propagation can only result from the suckers or culms removed from the mother plant. Water regularly and fertilize every 3 months with palm fertilizer. These can be grown indoors with proper lighting. They can also be grown outdoors in colder climates as long as the culm does not freeze.

Banana Tree White Variegated 'Ae Ae'


Musa AeAe variegata is a beautiful addition to any garden. Also known as Royal Hawaiian, Sacred Banana, Koae (hair prematurely graying), Manini (dark & light stripped fish). It has the obvious tropical feel which is sought after in natural gardens, but can also fit nicely in a traditional setting with it's exotic white variegation. After it gets settled in, you will never be without it's delicious fruit since your tree will vigorously pop out pups (new banana trees) around it's base. These pups can be kept to a minimum in a small space, or you can let them fill an area to create artistic privacy.

Mature tree height is from 9 to 15 feet.

The fruit is sweet and turns a light shade of yellow when ripe. It keeps it's light stripes, but looses most of it's green stripes.

Should be grown in full sun and fertilized often for the healthiest crop. Pest issues are minimum, so no need for pesticides.

*Shipped in a 3 gallon pot with care instructions.

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