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Pharaoh's Mask is a very rare Colocasia with distinct black stems & leaf veins.  Definitely one of the most interesting and unique appearances of all Colocasias and Alocasias. They grow to about 5' and prefer the soil to remain moist. They look best when grown as multiples and will quickly fill up the container.  The leaves are multi-dimensional with raised black veins and curved, slightly ruffled edges. Bright shade is preferred. 


Colocasia 'Pharaoh's Mask'


'Pharaohs Mask's' are grown & shipped in 6" containers and are approximately 8-10" tall.  Larger plants are available bare-root, wrapped in spahgnum moss.  Please message me with your order if you would prefer a larger bare-root 'Mask'. 

*It is common for colocasias, alocasias and xanthosomas to lose the outermost leaf or two from the stress of shipping and while adjusting to a new climate however, a new leaf will quickly unwind from the center of the plant. 

Colocasia, Alocasia & Xanthosoma are all commonly known as Taro or Elephant Ears. 

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