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The Drynaria Quercifolia Variegated is a rare addition to your landscape. This unique Fern is an Epiphyte which means it naturally grows up the trunk of a tree and thrives in the shade and runoff that the tree provides.

Foliage is from 15-18 inches.

Should be grown in damp conditions in indirect light that are never below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware! Fern can go dormant in the cool months, it will come back full and robust in the Spring. Many people think it has died, but do not get rid of your fern if it goes dormant!

Pest issues are minimum, so no need for pesticides.

*Shipped in a 4 inch basket. Specimen will be a little over a foot tall when received. No exchanges, returns, or refunds for this listing.

Drynaria Quercifolia Variegated

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