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$95 McDowells are grown in 6" containers and are 8-12".  Bare-root cuttings are 8-10"long and about 1.5-2" diameter with 3-5 nodes on each end cutting, please specify when placing an order. 16-30" ($170) McDowels are also in 6" containers.  These Mcdowel's are outstanding. 

Philodendron Mcdowell


Philodendron mcdowell has beautifully rich, dark green leaves with white veins. Mcdowells will grow to about 3 feet tall on a stem that grows along the top of the soil. It is not a vine that attaches.  A new leaf will unwind about every 4-6 weeks. Enjoys light well draining soil with inorganic vermiculite and/or perlite. Allow the soil to dry before watering. 

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