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Mature Philodendron Sagittifolium vines can grow to 30' in nature with 15-18" long arrow head shaped leavers.  There are several common names, 'Mandaianum' or 'Sanguineum' are the most used.  They are hemiepiphytic and should be planted in well draining soil with a post for the vines to attach and mature.  There are other natural variations that would still be classified as Sagittifolium, but this is the plant that collectors recognize as the True or King of the Philodendron Sagittifolium. You will agree once you look at the photos. The inforesence is very different looking and will prove that this is the Sagittifolium.  The distinct spath is green on the outside, but is red on the inside 

Philodendron Sagittifolium


Mature vines are cut into 12-15" lengths with a minimum of 3 nodes.  The roots are wrapped in sphagnum moss and carefully packaged then delivered to the post office.  We ship via USPS Priority.  You can also select priority Express for 1-2 day shipping.  You can select a single vine for $85 or add a second vine for an additional $55.  It is common for the vines to drop the older leaf and sometimes two from the stress of shipping.  It will quickly grow a new leaf as soon as it acclimates to the new climate.  They're fast growers so keep them fed.  I water with dilute liquid fertilizer 20-20-20 and I add 'Dynamite' granular fertilizer to the edge of the container every 4 months. Allow the soil to dry before watering and try to keep the air moving around your plants with a fan set on low.  

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