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My nursery is registered and regularly inspected by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).  My plants are all propagated and grown on the premises from my personal collection of rare and uncommon plants.  It is the responsibility of the recipient to research the requirements of your destination before the plants are shipped.  I am happy to comply with your requirements for the safe delivery of your plants. The Phytosanitary Certificate is absolutely required in some countries.  It is an effort to keep foreign pests (non-native) from accidently entering.  Plants that are shipped internationally are carefully cleaned and inspected.  We remove the soil and wash the roots, carefully cover the roots with moist Sphagnum Moss then snugly wrap with Clear Film.  Most areas with freezing temperatures that would destroy unintended tropical pests are much more lenient with any additional requirements.  If your climate is tropical, I strongly advise purchasing a Phytosanitary Certificate to help ensure the safe delivery of your plants.   

Phytosanitary Certificate

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