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Sansevieria sayuri metallica is a clean looking plant with uniquely variegated blue, white, and silver striped leaves. Easy to care for and gives off a beachy vibe that makes for a fun addition to any plant collection. These are approximately 1 ft tall x 6 inches wide. I recommend growing these in well draining light potting soil and anywhere between deep shade to full sun. Do not over water, let your Sanseviera dry completely before watering.

Sansevieria sayuri metallica


All nursery inspections have been performed and passed. This means a number of things, but most importantly for you, I now have the permits required by the Department of Agriculture to ship all plants potted in soil as opposed to bare root. This is much better for and easier on the plants as it allows them to continue drawing nutrients from the soil while in transit.

It is up to you, but please take note of the delays and heatwaves we're experiencing across the United States when selecting your shipping preference. I take great pride in carefully packaging by both protecting and insulating with repurposed Styrofoam, which guards from heavy damage. Still, I recommend selecting Priority Mail Express at check-out as this is the only method that hasn't experienced extreme delays. If issues occur in transit, please be aware it is out of my control and I cannot be responsible for damages. Instead, you must file a claim with the post office.

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