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Also called the "Variegated Arrowhead Leaf" they're grown & shipped in 6" pots, $65. This is an excellent plant for indoor growing.  Pinch back a few inches of new growth to encourage more compact, bushy growth. Every plant will have a variety of leaves.  Some will be 'marbled' green, gray & white while others may be half white and half green. 

Syngonium Podophyllum Variegata


Allow the soil to dry well before watering.  Fertilize regularly with a balanced, time released fertilizer. The Variegated Syngonium will tend to show more 'marbling' in the leaves with brighter light. There are very few pests issues with Syngoniums.  If the new leaves are not opening or are distorted after opening, thrips or mites may reside in the crown of the plant, feeding on the nutrients of the tender new growth.   Microscopic thrips and mites are airborne and all around us.  They're easily treated with any insecticide sprayed directly on the new growth. 

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