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This White Variegated Vanilla Orchid Vine is very rare. Attaches on any trellis, wall or tree. It's thick waxy looking leaves, provide an interesting addition to your interior or exterior garden. It will attach and grow up your work bench or leg to your table. It will also grow around the entire window frame where it gets its light. Once it attaches or establishes itself its a fairly fast growing orchid. I would estimate that it grows about 6-8 inches each month. It is an orchid and it blooms a fragrant yellow/green orchid flower resembling a small cattleya in the spring The vine will produce groups of 8-10 buds. The buds will open in sequence with one or two flowers opening each day for a month or two. Each flower lasts only one day and must be hand pollinated if you want to harvest a vanilla bean. Humidity lovers, you can mist them 2 or 3 times a week and keep the growing medium damp. Follow instructions on your fertilizer and be sure to fertilize regularly. You don't need a special fertilizer.

Your Variegated Vanilla Vine is grown & shipped in a 4.5" plastic container. The growing medium is a mixture of soil, bark & perlite.

Vanilla Planifolia Variegata albomarginata

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