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Here, at Rob's Rare Plants, we seek to share a cultivated experience of the simple joy of life on planet Earth. Whether you are just now starting your own plant family or extending the reach of a growing community interested in the gentle grace of our photosynthesizing friends, we have something for you! And on the off-chance we don't? Feel free to reach out to us for special requests!

Easy to Care For House Plants

Perfect gifts for novices and enthusiasts alike

Variegated Plants

Our in house specialty, and your one-stop shop for variegated plants

Garden Blooms

Complete your garden with these flourishing flowers



Welcome, Plant Friends! I am an avid grower and collector with a lifelong passion and knowledge for all things plants (or as I like to call them, "living pieces of art"). Much like collections of paintings or volumes of poetry, plants bring joy, relaxation, health, and beauty into our lives.


Our goal here at Rob's Rare Plants is to bring not only a great variety of rare species, but my team also provides meticulous packaging, plant care instructions, and support along the way--for both you and your growing collection--from individuals who love exotic and tropical plants just as much as you do. If you don't see what you're looking for, need some tips or tricks, or simply have some queries and curiosities, please send us a message in the chat feature at the bottom of your screen, and my team will get back to you as soon as possible. 



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